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Jordan Folklore Museum

It is located on the western side of the Roman Theater in Amman. The Department of Antiquities has established the museum on 15/11/1975 to collect, preserve, research and record the Jordanian traditional heritage in order to display it to the public for the purposes of education, instilling the sense of belonging, preserving national heritage and encouraging tourism. The museum includes a group of tools that represent the following cultures:

1. The desert heritage (Bedouins).
2. Rural life (Countryside).
3. The city culture (Urbanism).

The exhibitions include clothes, agricultural and craft tools, and other items that represent daily life. The exhibitions date back to the nineteenth century and early twentieth century. The most important exhibited pieces in the museum are:

1. Costumes that represent different regions in Jordan.
2. Houseware that is used to prepare food and make bread, in addition to items used to make coffee and tea, and their associated customs and traditions.
3. Traditional musical instruments.
4. Equestrian tools that include saddles and traditional weapons that were used by local people.
5. Samples of traditional folk industries like rugs, tents, straw and wool manufacturing as well as pottery.
6. Imported furniture like wooden furniture inlaid with shells that are used in houses.

The exhibitions were arranged according to a logical sequence. Some items are displayed inside cabinets, while others are displayed outside. Desert life and a few number of shops (flea market) are represented in the hall of the cellar.

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  • GovernorateAmman

  • Opening Hours

    Summer8:00 AM - 7:00 PM

    Winter8:00 AM - 4:00 PM

    06-4651746 / 06-4651760

  • Parking Spot

    Cars: The new Raghadan complex parking (the courtyard campus)

    Buses: Courtyard Gate

  • Not accessible for people with disabilities

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