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Salt Historical Museum

Al-Salt Historical Museum (Abu Jaber House), is a heritage building located in the center of the city of Al-Salt, and it dates back to the late nineteenth century.

The main exhibition presents a group of pottery pieces from the Copper Age that were found at the site (Tililat al-Ghassul), water jars, and ceramic saddles that were found in the Al-Salam area and the Al-Twal Al-Sharqi area. The museum's vaults also include pottery pieces and bronze bracelets found in the Wadi Shuaib area, dating back to the Roman and Ayyubid Mamluk periods.

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  • GovernorateSalt

  • Opening Hours

    Summer8:30 AM - 7:00 PM

    Winter8:30 AM - 5:00 PM



  • Parking Spot

    Busses & Cars: Prince Hamza Street – Salt Visitor Center Parking

  • Accessible for people with disabilities

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As Salt Archaeological Museum

It was established in 1983 to be a specialized regional museum that displays the story of civilization that featured Al Balqāʻ region through different eras.