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Dār As Sarāyā Archaeological Museum

It is located at the top of the southern edge of the archaeological site of Tall Irbid, within the oldest traditional building in the city which was built during the Ottoman period in 1886 on the Levantine Pilgrimage Road. The building is made of two floors and two entrances: northern and southern.

Above the western entrance there is an Arabic inscription on stone that have the date of its building. The museum includes several artefacts that were discovered in archaeological sites of Irbid Governorate.

The museum building is made of seven halls surrounding an open square that includes a collection of big stone pieces such as tombs, crowns, columns and presses that stand for civilizational, cultural and artistic activity of the city throughout history.

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  • GovernorateIrbid

  • Opening Hours

    Summer8:00 AM - 7:00 PM

    Winter8:00 AM - 4:00 PM


    • Parking Spot

      Cars: Al-Hashmiya area, Municipality Street (Al Tall Square Parking)

      Busses: Al- Hashmiya Street

    • Not accessible for people with disabilities

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